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This is an unofficial, incomplete discography of Frank Zappa.
Note that the album numberes are given in the order of their issueing dates(many are given on the CD sleeves), whereas they are listed here in the order of their recording dates.
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(in approximately chronological order)

Before the Mothers of Invention

The Ramblers(1955)                 Frank Zappa(ds) & several musicians
    "At the age of fourteen Frank joined a high school rhythm and blues
     band called The Ramblers, led by Elwood 'Junior' Madeo"
    "The piano player's name was Stuart Congdon"(Miles)

The Blackouts(Knockouts)(1956-57)       Frank Zappa(g,ds) & 7 musicians
    "Frank went to Antelope Valley Joint Union High School. ...
     One of the first things Frank did there was to organize a band.
     They were called The Blackouts..."
    Terry Wimbery, the Salazar brothers, Johnny Franklin, Carter Franklin,
    Wayne Lyles, Frank Zappa(drums), Motorhead Sherwood(dance) (Miles)

The Boogie Men(1960)                    Frank Zappa(g)    & 3 musicians
   "In 1960 Frank formed The Boogie Men with himself on lead guitar and
    vocals, Kenny Burgan on saxophone and Doug Rost playing rhythm guitar".
   "They were literally a "garage band"..." (Miles)

Joe Perrino & The Mellow Tones(1960)    Frank Zappa(g)    & 3 musicians
   "Frank brought in some much needed cash by playing cocktail music on
    weekend with a four-piece lounge band called Joe Perrino and The 
    Mellotones ..."

The Soots(Omens)(1963)     Frank Zappa(g) Captain Beefheart(vo)
                                             & several musicians
The Mothers(1963)          Frank Zappa(ds)   & several musicians
The Soul Giants(1963)      Frank Zappa(g) Ray Collins(vo)
                           David Coronado(s) Roy Estrada(b)
                           Jimmy Carl Black(ds)
The Mothers(1964-)         Frank Zappa(g) Ray Collins(vo)
                           Elliot Ingber(g) Roy Estrada(b)
                           Jimmy Carl Black(ds)

The Mothers of Invention ( Aug.1966 - Sep.1970 )

(Miles):"ZAPPA - FRANK ZAPPA - A Visual Document by Miles"

 This is "the Mothers of Invention" period of Zappa band featuring:
  R.Collins, J.C.Black, R.Estrada, B.Mundi, B.Gardner, D.Preston,
  J.M.Sherwood, I.Underwood, A.Tripp, Don Harris and J.L.Ponty.

1) Freak Out! / The Mothers of Invention
    [2LP]Verve V5005 "July/66"
    [2LP]Verve V6-5005-2 (MONO)
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD40062 "1987"
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5021「フリーク・アウト」
    [CD]UK CD Zappa CDZAP 1 "1987"
    "Produced by: Tom Wilson"
    "Director of Engineering: Val Valentin"
    "Engineer:Ami Hadani" (Miles)
    "Recorded at Sunset Highland Studios, Los Angels:
     Novermber 1965 - January 1966; One Session, March 1966"(Miles)
    "Cover Design: Jack Anesh"
    "Cover Photo: Ray Leong"
    "All selections arranged, orchestrated, and conducted by Frank Zappa"
Click here for more info on Freak Out!
2) Absolutely Free / The MOTHERS of Invention
    [LP]Verve V5013 "4/67"
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD10093  "Contains 2 Additional Tracks" *
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5022「アブソリュートリー・フリー」
    "Produced by: Tom Wilson"
    "All selections composed, arranged & conducted by Frank Zappa"
    "Front Cover Photo: Alice Ochs"
    "Cover Art, Layout, Notes, Collages, Etc.: Zappa"
Click here for more info on Absolutely Free.
3) We're Only In It For The Money / The Mothers of Invention
    [LP]Verve V5045 "9/68"
    [LP]Bizarre/Verve V6 5045X (*)
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD40024 (c/w Lumpy Gravy)
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5023 (c/w Lumpy Gravy)「ザ・マニー」
    "Gary Kellgren, engineer"
    "Dick Kunc, record & re-mix engineer"
    "Eric Clapton has graciously consented to speak to you..."
    "composed, arranged & scientifically mutilated by Frank Zappa"
    "The orchestral segments were conducted by Sid Sharpe ..."
    "Photography: Jerrold Schatzberg"
    "Fashions: Tiger Morse"
    "Plaster Figures & All Other Artwork: Cal Schenkel"
    "Executive Producer: Tom Wilson (for MGM-Verve)"
    "Produced by Frank Zappa for Bizzare Productions"
    "This...was conceived & executed by Frank Zappa, ..,
     August through October 1967."
Click here for more info on Money.
4) Lumpy Gravy / Francis Vincent Zappa conducts
    [LP]Verve V8741 "12/67"or"5/68"?
    [LP]Verve/Polydor[E] Select 2317 046
    "Also available on Musicassette No. 3113 073"
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD40024 (c/w the Money)
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5023 (c/w the Money)「ランピー・グレイヴィ」
    "a curiously inconsistent piece which started out to be a
     BALLET but probably didn't make it."
     with maybe even some of the mothers of invention"
    "Magnificently Engineered By: Joe, Rex, Pete, Jim, Bob & Gary & Dick"
    "Liner Put Together by Cal Schenkel"
    "This album was recorded in February of 1967"
Click here for more info on Lumpy Gravy.
5) Cruising With Ruben & The Jets
    [LP]Bizarre/Verve V6 5055 "11/68"
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5024「ルーベン&ザ・ジェッツ」
    "Is this the Mothers of Invention recording under a different name
     in a last ditch attempt to get their cruddy music on the radio?"
    "produced by FRANK ZAPPA"
    "original engineer, Dick Kunc at Apostolic Studios, New York"
    "cover by Cal Schenkel"
    "digitally remixed 1984, U.M.R.K."

6) Mothermania
    [LP]Verve V6-5068
    cf.[Bootleg CD] VCD 5068
    "All selections included in this album have been previously released
     in the Mothers of Invention albums: FREAK OUT, ABSOLUTELY FREE,

43) The Old Masters BOX 1
    "Freak Out!, Absolutely Free, Money, Lumpy Gravy, Ruben & the Jets,
     Mystery Disc"
    The Mystery Disc includes: Run Home Slow Theme, Charva

7) Uncle Meat / The Mothers of Invention
    [2LP]Bizarre/Reprise 2MS 2024 (*1)
    [2CD]RYKODISC RCD10064/65 (*2)
    [2CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5024/5「アンクル・ミート」
    "(c)1968" "recorded over a period of about 5 months from October
     1967 to February 1968."
    "engineered by Richard "Dynamite Dick" Kunc"
    "written & produced by Frank Zappa"
    "package designed by Cal Schenkel, NT&B"
    "business production: Herb Cohen"
    (*2) Digitally Remixed 1987
Click here for more info on Uncle Meat.
63) Ahead of Their Time / Mothers of Invention (93)
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin D2 74246
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] 80065「アヘッド・オブ・ゼア・タイム」
    "This concert was recorded at Royal Festival Hall, London, England
     on 28 October 1968."
    "This is album #63"

8) Hot Rats / Frank Zappa
    [LP]Bizarre/Reprise RS6356
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5027「ホット・ラッツ」
    "copyright 1969" "Recorded 16 track August through September 1969"
    "This movie for your ears was produced and directed by Frank Zappa"
    "engineers: Dick Kunc-Whitney Studios, Jack Hunt-T.T.G., 
     Cliff Goldstein-T.T.G., Brian Ingoldsby-Sunset Sound"
    "director of engineering for Bizarre: Dick Kunc"
    "Cover design: Cal Schenkel"
    "Interior design: John Williams"
    "Master of Bizzare business: Herb Cohen"
    "Photo: Bruce Linton"

    Time in [] on original analogue, time in () on remix.

  1 Peaches En Regalia     [3:58]  (3:39)
  2 Willie The Pimp        [9:25]  (9:17)
  3 Son Of Mr. Green Genes [8:58]  (9:00)
  4 Little Umbrellas       [3:09]  (3:04)
  5 The Gumbo Variations  [12:55] (16:57)
  6 It Must Be A Camel     [5:15]  (5:17)

9) Burnt Weeny Sandwich / The Mothers of Invention
    [LP]Bizarre/Reprise RS6370 "copyright 1969"
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] MSI80038「バーント・ウィーニー・サンドウィッチ」
    "Director of Engineering for Bizzare: Dick Kunc"
    "Master of Bizzare business: Herb Cohen"
    "Cover art by Cal Schenkel"
    "Album design by John Williams"

10) Weasels Ripped My Flesh / The Mothers of Invention
    [LP]Bizarre/Reprise RSLP2028 (released Feb 1970)
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD10163 "Digitally remastered at UMRK in '89)
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5028「いたち野郎」
    "Material contained herein represents different aspects of our work
     from 1967-1969"
    "Cover art by Neon Park"
    "Photography by John Williams"
    "Art direction by John Williams"

The Mothers ( Nov.1970 - May,1972 )

 This is "the Mothers" period of Zappa band that ended with the tragic
 Montreux FIRE and Rainbow Theater FALL OUT, featuring:
  D.Preston, I.Underwood, R.Underwood, Don Harris, J.L.Ponty,
  A.Dunbar, G.Duke, H.Kaylan, M.Volman & J.Pons.

11) Chunga's Revenge / Frank Zappa
    [LP]Bizarre/Reprise MS2030
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5029「チャンガの復讐」
    "Recorded at: The Record Plant(Hollywood), Trident Studios(London),
     T.T.G. Inc.(Hollywood), Whitney Studios(Glendale)"
    "THE NANCY & MARY MUSIC was recorded live at the Tyrone Guthrie Theater
     in Minneapolis, Minnesota(engineer: Bruce Margolis)"
    "Engineers: Dick Kunc, Stan Agol, Riy Baker"
    "Special production assistant: Dick Barber"
    "Produced by Frank Zappa"
    "Bizarre Business: Herb Cohen"
    "Cover design & Ilustration: Cal Schenkel"
    "Front cover photo: Phil Franks"
    "Back cover photo: John Williams"
    "(c)1970 Warner Bros. Records, Inc."

12) Fillmore East, June 1971 / The Mothers
    [LP]Bizarre/Reprise MS2042
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5030「フィルモア・ライブ '71」

13) 200 Motels / Frank Zappa
    [2LP]United Artists UAS9956 "71"
    [2LP]MCA Records MCA2-4183 "86"

14) Just Another Band From L.A.
    [LP]Bizarre/Reprise MS2075
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5031「LAから来たバンド」
    "All Selections recorded live at Pauley Pavillion, UCLA, 
     Los Angels, August 7, 1971"

62) Playground Psychotics / Frank Zappa (Oct 92)
    [2CD]Barking Pumpkin D2 74244
    [2CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] 80062-63「プレイグラウンド・サイコティクス」
    "The Mothers of Invention"
    "Fillmore East N.Y.C"
    "Pauley Pavilion UCLA"
    "Rainbow Theater LONDON"
    "Produced by FRANK ZAPPA"
    "Remix engineer: Spence Chrislu"
    "Remix Facility:The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen"
    "Art by Cal Schenkel"
    "this is Album #62"
    "Liner Notes (c)1992 Barking Pumpkin Records"

46) The Old Masters BOX 2
    "Uncle Meat, Hot Rats, Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Weasels Ripped
     My Flesh, Chunga's Revenge, Fillmore East, Just Another Band
     from L.A., Mystery Disc"
    The Mystery Disc includes: Wedding Dress Song, Handsome Cabin Boy

The Mothers ( Jul.1972 - Jul.1975 )

 After the accidents, "the Mothers" became large with horns and winds.
 So this is the "Big Mothers" period featuring:
  I.Underwood, R.Underwood, A.Dunbar, G.Duke, B.Fowler, T.Fowler,
  Erroneous, N.M.Brock, R.Humphrey and C.Thompson.
  D.Preston appears on ROXY.
  Terry Bozzio appears on OVER-NITE and BONGOS.

15) Waka/Jawaka Hot Rats / Frank Zappa
    [LP]Bizarre/Reprise MS2075 (MS2094?)
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5032「ワカジャワカ」

16) The Grand Wazoo / Frank Zappa
    [LP]Bizarre/Reprise MS2093
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5033「グランド・ワズー」
    "Cover illustration: Cal Schenkel"
    "Recorded at Paramount Studios, Hollywood"
    "Engineer: Kerry McNabb(who is not related to the other McNabbs)
    "Special technical assistance: Paul Hof"
    "Produced by Frank Zappa"

17) Over-Nite Sensation / Frank Zappa
    [LP]Discreet MS2149
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD40025 (c/w Apostrophe)
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5034 (c/w Apostrophe)「オーバーナイト・センセーション」
    "cover illustration: David B.McMacken"
    "inside: Cal Schenkel"
    "biznis: Herb Cohen"
    "engineers: Barry Keene, Terry Dunavan, Fred Borkgren, Steve Desper"
    "re-mix: Kerry McNabb"
    "studios: Boltic Sound, Whitney, Paramount"
    "technicians: Paul Hof, Jay "Dunt" Sloatman, Kansas J. Canzus"

18) Apostrophe (') / Frank Zappa
    [LP]Discreet DS2175
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD40025 (c/w Over-nite)
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5034 (c/w Over-nite)
	[CD]RYKODISK RCD80519 (Au20 Limited Edition)
	"Produced, Arranged & Struggled with: Frank Zappa"

19) Roxy & Elsewhere / Zappa/Mothers
    [2LP]Discreet 2DS2202
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] MSI 80039「ロキシー・アンド・エルスウェア」
    "Most of the material ... was recorded Dec. 10,11 & 12, 1973,
     at The Roxy, Hollywood"
    "Some ... overdubbed[Bolic Studios & Paramount Studios,Hollywood]"
    "Roxy remote recording was done by Walter Heider(16-track 30-ips),
     enginerred by Kerry McNabb(who also is responsible for the re-mix
     on the whole album"
    "Design & Graphics by Cal Schenkel"
    "Cover Photography by Sherwin Tilton"
    "Mastered at Artisan Recorders, Hollywood"
    "DiscReetion: Herb Cohen"
Click here for more info on Roxy & Elsewhere.
55) You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol.2 / Zappa
    [2CD]RYKODISC RCD 10083-84
    "The Helsinki Concert, 22 September, 1974"

20) One Size Fits All / Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention
    [LP]Discreet DS2216
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5035「ワンサイズ・フィッツ・オール」
    "The basic tracks for Inca Roads and Florentine Pogen were recorded
     live at KCET TV Los Angels during the production of our TV special"
    "The guitar solo in Inca Roads was recorded live during our 1974 concert
     in Helsinki, Finland"
    "This album was produced between Dec. '74 and April '75"
    "Engineers: Kerry McNab; Gary O; Jukka"
    "Recordist: Mike Braunstein"
    "Re-mix: Kerry McNab"
    "Studios: The Record Plant L.A.; Caribou; Paramount; KCET TV;
     Finnlevy Studiot, Helsinki; Wally Heider Remote Truck"
    "Assistance: Paul Hof; Richard "TEX' Abel; Dick Barber;
     Coy Featherstone; Bill Romero; Unity; Matti Laipio"

21) Bongo Fury / Zappa/Beefheart/Mothers
    [LP]Discreet DS2234
    [LP]Warner/Pioneer P-10093D「狂気のボンゴ」
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5036「ボンゴ・フューリー」
    "Live in concert at Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas,
     May 20th & 21st, 1975 plus Selected Studio Wonderment"
    "remote recording by The Record Plant,L.A.;Overdubs and mixing
     at The Record Plant,L.A.."
    "200 Years Old, Cucamonga, and Muffin Man intros were recorded in
     January and February, 1974 at The Record Plant,L.A."
    "Engineered by Kerry McNab, Mike Braunstein, Kelly Kotera,
     Mike Stone, Davey Moire, and Frank Hubach"
    "Photography by John Williams; Design: Cal Schenkel"
    "Produced by Franks Zappa"

Zappa Band ( Oct.1975 - Jan.1979 )

 They don't call themselves the Mothers no more. They are the Zappa band
  R.Underwood, G.Duke, B.Fowler, T.Fowler, N.M.Brock, C.Thompson,
  T.Bozzio, A.Lewis, E.Jobson and P.O'Hearn.
  Roy Estrada appears on ZOOT.
  Ed Mann & Ray White appears on NEW YORK.
  Chad Wackerman appears on SLEEP DIRT part of LAeTHER.

22) Zoot Allures / Zappa
    [LP]Warner Bros. BS2970
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5037「ズート・アローズ」
    "recorded at Record Plant, L.A."
    "enginerrs: Michael Braunstein, Davey Moire"
    "re-mix engineer: Frank Zappa"
    "disk mastering: Arnie Acosta at Amigo Studios"
    "photography: Gary Heery"
    "Design: Cal Schenkel"

23) Zappa In New York
    [2LP]Discreet 2D2290
    [2CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI MSI80040〜41 (with Bonus tracks)
    Recorded live "at the Felt Forum at Halloween, and at The Palladium
    the week between Christmas and New Year's" 1976
    "production and re-mix engineer: Frank Zappa"
    "N.Y.C. live remote engineer: Bob Liftin"
    "N.Y.C. live concert mix: Davey Moire"
    "studio engineers(overdubs): Rick Smith, Davey Moire"
    "remote recording truck: Fedco"
    "studio: Record Plant, L.A."
    "package design: John Williams"
    "cover photo: Dweezil Zappa"
    "other photos: Gail Zappa"

    [LP]Discreet DSK2291
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin D2 74237
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] MSI80042「スタジオ・タン」
    "Studio Tan was originally recorded circa 1974-1976 and first released
     in September, 1978. It is album #24."

    [LP]Discreet DSK2292
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin D2 74238
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] MSI80043「スリープ・ダート」
    "This album was originally released in January, 1979, but recorded
     circa 1974-1976." "This is album #25"
Click here for more info on SLEEP DIRT.
68) Laether / Frank Zappa
    [3CD]RYKODISC RCD 10574-76
    "Produced, Composed & Arranged by Frank Zappa"
	"Digital Mastering & EQ - Spencer Chrislu"
	"Vaultmeisterment - Joe Travers"
	"Recorded 1973-1977"
    "(P) 1996 Rykodisk."
    "(P) 1996 The Zappa Family Trust."
    "(C) 1996 The Zappa Family Trust. All rights reserved."

Zappa Band ( Mar.-Dec.1979 )

 G.Duke, R.Underwood, C.Thompson, Bruce & Tom Fowler left the band.
 The '79 Zappa Band featured:
  N.M.Brock, T.Bozzio, P.O'Hearn, E.Mann, C.Wackerman, P.Wolf, 
  T.Mars & A.Barrow, and then 
  D.Walley, W.Cucurullo, V.Colaiuta and I.Willis

26) Sheik Yerbouti / FRANK ZAPPA
    [2LP]Zappa SRZ2-1501
    [Musicassettes]Zappa ZT4-2-1501
    [Stereo 8 Track]Zappa ZT8-2-1501
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5038「シーク・ヤブーティ」
   "engineers for baseic tracks: Peter Henderson/Davey Moire/
     Claus Wiedemann/Kerry McNab"
    "overdub engineer: Joe Chicarelli"
    "remix engineer: Joe Chicarelli/Frank Zappa; assistant:Barbara Issak"
    "art director: Jon Williams"
    "cover photos: Lynn Goldsmith"
    "inside photo: Gail Zappa"

27) Orchestral Favorites
    [LP]Discreet DSK2294, May 1979.
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin 
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] MSI80044
    Recorded Sep.17/18,1975 at UCLA Royce Hall.
    "Conducted by Michael Zearott"
        "Rhythm Section: F.Z., Dave Parlato, T.Bozzio, Emil Richards"
  "Produced/Composed/Arranged by Frank Zappa"
    "This is album #27"

28)Joe's Garage Acts I
    [LP]Zappa SRZ1-1603
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD 10060-61 (c/w Act 2,3)
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5039/40 (c/w Act 2,3)「ジョーのガレージ」

29)Joe's Garage Acts II & III
    [LP]Zappa SRZ2-1502
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD 10060-61 (c/w Act 1)
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5039/40 (c/w Act 1)

    "Joe's Garage by Frank Zappa"
    "recording engineer Joe Chicarelli"
    "photography Norm Seeff art John Williams"
    "layout Rose Srebro Design"
    "The Cast: Frank Zappa, Ike Willis, Dale Bozzio, Denny Walley,
     Al Malkin, Waren Cucurullo, Ed Mann, Terry Bozzio, Dale Bozzio, 
     George Hormel, Barbara Issak & most of people at Village Recorders
    (circa 1979)"

48) Joe's Garage Acts I, II & III (June 1987)
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD 10060-61
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5039/40「ジョーのガレージ」
    see #28 & #29
    "re-mix engineers Mick Glossop & Steve Nye
     digitally remastered 1987 UMRK"

Zappa Band ( 1981 )

 The '81 Zappa Band featured:
  Steve Vai, Ray White, Bob Harris, E.Mann, P.Wolf, T.Mars, A.Barrow, 
  D.Walley, W.Cucurullo, V.Colaiuta & I.Willis.
  R.Estrada, T.Bozzio & E.Jobson appear on SHUT UP'n.

30) Tinsel Town Rebellion / Frank Zappa
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin PW2-37336
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5041「ティンゼル・タウン・リベリオン」
    Rec.79〜80 tour, "81"
    "engineers: Mark Pinske, George Douglas, Joe Chiccarelli,
     Alan Sides, Tommy Fly"
    "re-mix engineer: Bob Stone"
    "cover art: Cal Schenkel"
    "graphics John Williams"
    "Greg Cowan featured in the role of eccentric well-to-do
     Oregonian party giver"
    "remote truck: Rolling Stones Mobile, London & UMRK Portable Studio"
    "studio: UMRK Central"

31) Shut Up'n Play Yer Guitar
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin

32) Shut Up'n Play Yer Guitar Some More
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin

33) Return of the Son of Shut Up'n Play Yer Guitar
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin

31+32+33) Shut Up'n Play Yer Guitar / Frank Zappa
    [3LP]Barking Pumpkin W3X38289 (BOX)
    [2CD]RYKODISC RCD10028〜29
    [2CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5042/3 「黙ってギターを弾いてくれ」

34) You Are What You Is / Zappa
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin PW2-37537, September 1981.
    "digitally remastered for CD in 1989 at UMRK by Bob Stone"
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5044「ユー・アー・ホワット・ユー・イズ」
    "album #34"
    "Composed & Arranged by Frank Zappa"
    "Frank Zappa producer, John Livzey cover photo, John Vince graphics"

Zappa Band ( 1982 - 1983 )

  The '82 Zappa band featured:
  R.Estrada, B.Harris, R.White, E.Mann, T.Mars, A.Barrow, 
  P.O'Hearn, S.Thunes, C.Wackerman, B.Martin, I.Willis & S.Vai

  J.C.Black & Motorhead Sherwood on SHIP...
  T.Bozzio & P.Wolf on BABY SNAKES

35) Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch / Zappa
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin FW38066
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] MSI80046
    "Producer: Frank Zappa"
    "Engineer for Basics & Over-dubs: Mark Pinske"
    "Engineer for Over-dubs & re-mix: Bob Stone"
    "Cover Illustration: Roger Price"

36) The Man From Utopia / Zappa
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin FW38404
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] MSI80047 (+ One Bonus Truck, '93)
    "Produced by Frank Zappa"
    "Engineered by Bob Stone,Mark Pinske,Dave Jerdan"
    "Art Direction John Vince"
    "Alphabet & Illustration by Tanino Liberatore"

37) Baby Snakes (Soundtrack Picture Disk)
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin BPR1115 "83"
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] MSI80048「ベイビー・スネイクス」
    "produced/composed by Frank Zappa"
    "Baby Snakes: written, produced, directed & music composed by
     Frank Zappa/music performed by FZ, Terry Bozzio, Roy Estrada,
     Adrian Belew, Ed Mann, Patrick O'Hearn, Tommy Mars & Peter Wolf"

38) The London Shymphony Orchestra ZAPPA Vol.1
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin FW38820
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5045「ロンドン・シンフォニー・オーケストラ」
    "The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kent Nagano"
    "Music Composed & Arranged by Frank Zappa"
    "Produced & Re-mix by Frank Zappa"
    "Recording Engineer: Mark Pinske"
    "Location of recording sessions: Twickenham Film Studio, London"
    "Recording Dates: Jan. 12,13,14, 1983"

39) Boulez conducts Zappa : The Perfect Stranger
    [LP]Angel 38170 "84"
    [CD]EMI CDC-7 47125 2
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] MSI80049「パーフェクト・ストレンジャー」
    "Boulez conducts Zappa, The Perfect Stranger and other chamber works
     performed by the Ensemble InterContemporain and the Barking Pumpkin
     Digital Gratification Consort"
    "The Ensemble InterContemporain was recorded January 10 & 11, 1984 at
     IRCAM, Paris. The Barking Pumpkin Digital Gratification Consort was 
     recorded during the three-month period thereafter at THE UTILITY 
     MUFFIN RESEARCH KITCHEN"  "Released August 1984"
    "Producer: Frank Zappa"
    "Barance Engineer: Didier Arditi"
    "Re-mix Engineer: Bob Stone"
    "Computer Programmer: David Ocker"
    "Cover painting by Donald Roller Wilson"

Zappa Band ( 1984 )

 The '84 Zappa band featured:
  R.White, Ike Willis, B.Martin, S.Thunes & C.Wackerman.

  N.M.Brock & G.Duke appear on THEM OR US and THING FISH
  T.Bozzio appears on THING FISH

40) Them Or Us / Zappa
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin SVB074200
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD 40027
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5046「やつらか俺たちか」
    "Produced and arranged by Frank Zappa"
    "Engineered by Mark Pinske & Bob Stone"
    "Cover painting by Donald Roller Wilson"
    "(p)1984 Barking Pumpkin Records"

41) Thing Fish original cast recording / Zappa
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin SKC074201 "84"
    [2CD]RYKODISC RCD10020-21
    [2CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5047/8「シング・フィッシュ」
    "CAST: Ike Willis, Terry Bozzio, Dale Bozzio, Napoleon Murphy Brock,
     Bob Harris, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Ray White"
    "book & lyrics, music, arrangements, direction of characterizations
     and album production by Frank Zappa"
    "recording engineers: Mark Pinske & Bob Stone"
    "costumes by Robert Fletcher"
    "cover photo by Ladi Von Jansky"
    "(p) 1984 Barking Pumpkin Records"

42) Francesco Zappa
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin ST74202
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] MSI80050「フランチェスコ・ザッパ」
    "The Music of Francesco Zappa (fl.1763-1788).
     His First Digital Recording in over 200 years."
    "Performed by the Barking Pumpkin Digital Grafication Consort
     (Frank Zappa, Conductor)"
    "produced and orchestrated by Frank Zappa"
    "Synclavier document encryption David Ocker"
    "engineered by Bob Stone & Mark Pinske"
    "recorded at The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen"
    "disk mastering by John Matousek at Hitsville"
    "The music of Francesco Zappa is from the collection of the
     Music Library at the University of California, Berleley.
     Special thanks to Michael Keller, Librarian."
    "cover painting by Donald Roller Wilson"
    "collage by Gabrielle Raumberger"
    "graphics by New Age Art"
    (Released Nov. 1984)

44) Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin ST74203 (US Version)
    [CD]RYKO RCD 10023
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5049「ザッパ検閲の母と出会う」
    [CD?]EMI[E] EMC3507 (European Version)
    "Engineered by Bob Stone"
    "Computer Assistant: Bob Rice"
    "art direction & design: Chris Whorf & Jeffery Fey for Art Hotel,Inc."
    "illustration: John Dearstyne"
    "(p)1985 Barking Pumpkin Records" "Released Nov. 1985?"
    "voices:Frank Zappa,Ike "Thing-Fish" Willis, Ray White,
     Bobby Martine, Moon, Dweezil, Senator Danforth,
     Senator Hollings, Senator Trible, Senator Hawkins,
     Senator Exon, Senator Gorton, Senator Gore, Tipper Gore,
     Reverend Jeff Ling, Spider Barbour, All Nite John, unknown girl in piano"

45) Does Humor Belong In Music ?
    [CD]EMI CDp7-46188-2  (Jan '86)
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD 10548 ('95)
    "These songs were selected from the repertoire of the 1984 World Tour"
    "Arranged and Produced by Frank Zappa"

47) Jazz From Hell / Frank Zappa
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin ST74205
    [CD]RYKODISC RCD 10030
    [CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5050「ジャズ・フロム・ヘル」
    "(p)1986 Pumpko Industries Ltd" "Released 15,Nov. 1986"
    "CD'd by Ryko, 3,April 1987"
    "All compositions written and arranged by Franks Zappa"
    "Computer Assistance by Bob Rice
    "Engineered by Bob Stone"
    "Cover Photo: Gref Gorman"

49) The London Symphony Orchestra ZAPPA Vol.2
    [LP]Barking Pumpkin SJ74207
    "The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kent Nagano"
    "Music Composed & Arranged by Frank Zappa"
    "Produced by Frank Zappa"
    "Recording Engineer: Mark Pinske"
    "re-mix engineer: Bob Stone"
    "Location of recording sessions: Twickenham Film Studio, London"
    "Recording Dates: Jan. 12,13,14, 1983"

50) The Old Masters Box 3 (Dec. 87)

51) You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Sampler / Zappa

Click here for more info on You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Sampler.

52) Frank Zappa: Guitar
    [2CD]RYKODISC RCD10079-80
    [2CD]RYKO[J] VACK-5051/2「フランクのギタッパ運指法」
    "Produced, Arranged & Edited by Frank Zappa"
    "These solos were recorded live between 1979 and 1984"
    "This album is not recommended for children or Republicans."
    "Photos by Sergio Albonico"
    "Graphics by Jeff Fey, Art Hotel"

53) You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol.1 / Zappa
    [2CD]RYKODISC RCD 10081-82
    "Produced, Arranged and Edited by Frank Zappa"
    "engineering supervision: Bob Stone"
    "package design by Jeff Fey for Art Hotel,Inc"
    "(c)(p) 1988 Barking Pumpkin Records"

Zappa Band ( 1988 )

 The '88 Zappa band featured:
  E.Mann, S.Thunes, C.Wackerman, I.Willis, B.Martin, Mike Keneally, 
  B.Fowler, W.Fowler, A.Wing, P.Carman & K.McGettrick.

54) Broad Way The Hard Way / Frank Zappa
    "all selection produced, arranged and conducted by Frank Zappa"
    "engineered by Bob Stone and Harry Andronis at UMRK"
    "all selection recorded live (no overdubs) with the UMRK Mobile
     studio during the 1988 World Tour"
    "cover photos by Lynn Goldsmith"
    "inside photo by Greg Gorman"
    "(c)(p) 1989 Barking Pumpkin Records"

57) The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life / Zappa
    [2CD]Barking Pumpkin Records D2 74233
    [2CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] 80052-53「ザ・ベスト・バンド」
    "produced, arranged, compiled and edited by Frank Zappa"
    "engineering supervision by Bob Stone"
    "(p)&(c)1991 Barking Pumpkin Records"

58) Make A Jazz Noise Here / Zappa
    [2CD]Barking Pumpkin Records D2 74234, June 1991.
    [2CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] 80054-55「メイク・ア・ジャズ・ノイズ」
    "produced, arranged, compiled and edited by Frank Zappa"
    "engineering supervision by Bob Stone"
    "All material herein is 100% live and there are no overdubs of any kind"
    "Original cover art by Larry Grossman/Art Attack"
    "Package design by F Ron Miller"
    "(p)&(c)1991 Barking Pumpkin Records" "1988 road band"

56) You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol.3 / Zappa
    [2CD]RYKODISC RCD 10085-86
    "arranged, produced, compiled and edited by Frank Zappa"
    "engineering supervision for the entire series: Bob Stone"
    "package design by Art Hotel,Inc"
    "(c)(p) 1989 Barking Pumpkin Records"

59) You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol.4 / Zappa
    [2CD]RYKODISC RCD 10087-88, June 1991.
    "arranged, produced, compiled and edited by Frank Zappa"
    "(p)(c)1991 Barking Pumpkin Records"

60) You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol.5 / Zappa
    [2CD]RYKODISC RCD 10089-90, July 1992.
    "arranged, produced, compiled and edited by Frank Zappa"
    "Disc One of this set deals with the early years from 1965 to 1969."
    "Disc Two of this set is dedicated to the 1982 band."
    "(p)(c)1992 Barking Pumpkin Records"

61) You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol.6 / Zappa
    [2CD]RYKODISC RCD 10091-92, July 1992.
    "arranged, produced, compiled and edited by Frank Zappa"
    "(p)(c)1992 Barking Pumpkin Records"

64) The Yellow Shark / Zappa / Ensemble Modern (Aug 93)
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/Rhino R2 71600
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/East West[J] AMCY656「イエロー・シャーク」
    "Produced and composed by Frank Zappa"
    "Ensemble Modern:
      Peter Rundel, Dietmar Wiesner, Catherine Milliken,
      Roland Diry, Wolfgang Stryi, Veit Scholz,
      Frank Ollu, Stefan Dohr, William Formann,
      Michael Gross, Uwe Dierksen, Michael Svoboda,
      Daryl Smith, Hermann Kretzschmar, Ueli Wiget,
      Rainer Roemer, Rumi Ogawa-Helferich, Andreas Boettger,
      Detlef Tewes, Juergen Ruck, Ellen Wegner,
      Mathias Tacke, Claudia Sack, Hilary Sturt,
      Friedemann Daehn, Thomas Fichter"
    "Spencer Chrislu: Recording Engineer & CD Mixer"
    "Harry Andronis: Concert Audio Engineer"
    "Dave Dondorf: Stage Monitor Engineer, Technical Coordination"
    "Todd Yvega: Synclavier Assistant"
    "Front cover photo/Ensemble portraits: Fritz Brinckmann, Herz"
    "CD book photos: Henning Lohner, Hans Joerg Michael"
    "Art direction and Design: Brian Johnson & Jesse di Franco for
     Command A Studios, Inc."
    "Liner notes: Rip Rense"
     Inner CD case Photo: Richard Avedon

65) Civilization Phaze III / Frank Zappa (1994)
    [CD]Zappa Recordes CDDZAP56
    [CD]Barking Pumpkin/MSI[J] MSFZ1/2「シヴィライゼーション 文明第三期」
    "Produced by Frank Zappa (c)(p)1994 The Zappa Family Trust"
    "Produced, compiled & edited by Frank Zappa"
    "all selections composed, performed and/or conducted by Frank Zappa"
    "1967 dialog engineered by Dick Kunc, recorded at Apostolic Studio, NYC."
    "1991 dialog and chamber group pieces engineered by Todd Yvega and
     Marque Coy,(recorded on the Synclavier Direct-To-Disk System), at
     "Joe's Garage", North Hollywood."
    "1992 Synclavier material and all final mixes engineered by Spencer
     Chrislu at UMRK, Hollywood"
    "liner notes by Frank Zappa, 1993"
    "Cover Design by Uri Balashov, art direction by Command A Studios,Inc"
    "this is album #60"
Click here for more info on Civilization Phaze III.
66) Strictly Commercial / Frank Zappa

67) The Lost Episodes / Frank Zappa
    [CD]Rykodisk/VideoArts Music[J] VACK 5153「ロスト・エピソード」
    "Produced by Frank Zappa"
    "UMRK Transfer & Remix Engineer 1992-1993: Spencer Chrislu"
    "Liner notes by Rip Rense"
    "Illustrations by Gabor Csupo"

"BEAT THE BOOTS" Official Bootlegs

B1) Beat The Boots!
    [8LP]Foo-Eee/Rhino R70797? (BOX) "July 91"


B1TA) "The Ark" (July '68, The Ark, Boston)

    [CD]Foo-Eee/Rhino R2 70538

B1FM) "Freaks & Motherfu*#@%!" (Live in Fillmore East 1970)

    [CD]Foo-Eee/Rhino R2 70539

B1UA) "Unmitigated Audacity" (May 12 '74 Notre Dame Univ.)

    [CD]Foo-Eee/Rhino R2 70540

B1AW) "Any Way The Wind Blows" ('79 Paris)

    [2CD]Foo-Eee/Rhino R2 70541
    [2CD]MSI70032/33 「パリで逆鱗」

B1PQ) "Piquantique" (Stockholm 1973)


B1TS) "'tis The Season To Be Jelly:live in Sweden 1967" ('67 Stockholm)



B1SR) "Saarbruecken 1978"



B2) Beat The Boots! #2
    [8LP]Foo-Eee/Rhino (BOX) "July 92"
    [7CD]Foo-Eee/Rhino R-70372 (Limited Edition Box Set)
    "Box includes homongous scrapbook collecting rare Zappa memorabilia
     and original album art, plus a Bodacious Black Beret with a BEAT
     THE BOOTS Pin!"
    "This Box Set contains Factory-Reconditioned versions of these
     formerly unauthorized recordings:"

B2DS) "Disconnected Synapses" ('70 Paris Palais Gaumont)

    [CD]Foo-Eee/Rhino R2 71017

B2TN) "Tengo Na' Minchia Tanta" ('70 New York)

    [CD]Foo-Eee/Rhino R2 71018

B2EA) "Electric Aunt Jemima" (MOI)

    [CD]Foo-Eee/Rhino R2 71019

B2AC) "At the Circus" (Circus Krone Munich July 1, 1978 +

     Ruben & The Jets Live Uddel June 18, 1970)
    [CD]Foo-Eee/Rhino R2 71020

B2SC) "Swiss Cheese/Fire!" ('71 Montreaux)

    [2CD]Foo-Eee/Rhino R2 71021

B2OM) "Our Man In Nirvana" (Fullerton Nov 8,1968)

    [CD]Foo-Eee/Rhino R2 71022

B2CC) "Conceptual Continuity" (Detroit, Michigan Nov 19, 1976)

    [CD]Foo-Eee/Rhino R2 71023


BL1) 200 Motels / Frank Zappa, The Mothers of Invention,
     Zubin Mehta and the Los Angels Philharmonic
    [LP]Trade Mark of Quality TRQ-71010 746-MONO
    "The Suite for Rock Group and Orchestra" by Frank Zappa

BL2) Frank Zappa And Hot Rats At The Olympic

    [LP]Trade Mark of Quality TRQ-71059
    "Recorded at the Olympic Auditorium, Los Angels, California,
     March 7, 1970" "First concert performance of Hot Rats"
    "with: Sugarcane Harris, Ian Underwood, Aynsley Dunbar"
    A1: Sharleena
    A2:Twinkle Tits
    A3:Directly From My Heart To You
    B1:The Clap

BL3) Mothermania

    [Bootleg CD] VCD 5068

    6)[LP]Verve V6-5068 の再録 + ボーナストラック4曲
Click here for more info on Mothermania CD.

BLPQ) "Piquantique" (Stockholm 1973)

    [CD]Essential/Castle ESMCD 963
    a Bootleg of a "Beat the Boots" CD



P1) King Kong / Jean-Luc Ponty Plays The Music of Frank Zappa
    [LP]Liberty/Toshiba[J]LP-8982「キング・コング ポンティーとザッパの世界」
    [CD]Blue Note/Capitol CDP 077-7-89539-2-0
    "Music for Electric Violin and Low Budget Orchestra
     composed and arranged by Frank Zappa"
    Produced by Franks Zappa

P2) Trout Mask Reprica / Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

    [2LP]Straight STS1053 ('69)
    [CD]Reprise 2027-2
    "Produced by Frank Zappa"
    "All music and lyrics by Don Van Vliet"
    "Arranged by Don Van Vliet"
    "Engineered by Dick Kunc"
    "Album design: Cal Schenkel"

P3) Good Singin' Good Playin' / Grand Funk Railroad

    [LP]EMI ST74204
    [LP]EMI(A) INA1503

P5) The Berkeley Concert / Lenny Bruce

    [LP]Bizarre 6329

P6) Shankar


P7) Dweezil Zappa / Havin' A Bad Day

    [?]Barking Pumpkin ST74204


A0) Break Time (c/w 16 Tons) / Frank Zappa, Paul Buff, Ronnie Wililiams (1962)
A01) Gotta Find My Roogalator!"/Bobby Jameson (1962)
A1) Some Time in New York City / John & Yoko Plastic Ono Band...(1972)
A2) Prazsky Vyber - Live - Adieu C.A. [Che]AP 001-2311 (June 24 '91 Plague)
A3) Animalism/The Animals (MGM E/SE 4414, UK Decca LK 4797)
    "Zappa arranged Side one track one:"All Night Long" and 
     Side one track three::The Other Side of This Life". ..."(Miles)


M1) Zappa's Universe
    [CD]Verve 314 513 575-2
    "(c)(p)1993 PolyGram Records."
    "Recorded Nov.7 & 8, 1991 at The Ritz, New York."
     Rock Group:
      Mike Keneally, Mats Oberg, Scott Thunes, Morgan Agren,
      Jonathan Haas, Marc Ziegenhagen
     The Persuasions:
      Jimmy Hayes, Jerry Lawson, Joe Russel, Jay Otis Washington
      Sean Altman, Barry Carl, Elliot Kerman, Scott Leonard
     Orchestra of Our Time:...
     Special guest artists:
      Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Dale Bozzio"
    "Recorded November 7 and 8, 1991, at The Ritz, New York"
    "Concert conceived, conducted and arranged by Joel Thome"

M2) Harmonia meets Zappa


"the music of Frank Zappa Played by"
John Etheridge - guitar
Steve Lodder - keyboards
Anne Whitehead - trombone
Teena Lyle - percussion, vibes
Ben Castle - saxophone
Paul Jayasinha - trumpet
Rob Statham - bass
Mike Bradley - drums

"all compositions Frank Zappa from a live performance at The Wardrobe, Leeds, November 1999"
1. Harry You're A Beast/Oh No/Theme From Lumpy Gravy (medley)
2. Eat That Question
3. Sexual Harassment in The Workplace
4. King Kong
5. Big Swifty
6. Let's Make The Water Turn Black
7. Sofa No 1
8. I'm The Slime
9. Grand Wazoo

MS1) Boy Wonder I Love You (c/w Orange Colored Sky) / Burt Ward

    MGM 13632 (Single)
    "A Side written by FZ. Both sides arranged, conducted and
     produced by FZ" (Miles)


R1)The XXXX of The Mothers
    [LP]Verve V6-5074 ('69)

R2)The Worst of The Mothers

    [LP]MGM SE4754 ('69)

R3)The Mothers of Invention

    [LP]MGM GA112 ('70)

R4)Mothers Day

    [LP]Verve 2626-002 ('74)

R5)Rock Flashbacks

    [LP]Verve 2352057 ('75)

R6) "Pink Napkins" Picture Disc

    [LP]Barking Pumpkin BPND

R7) "Old Masters" BOX ONE Sampler Record

    [LP]Barking Pumpkin BPR7X4-1
Click here for more info on Old Masters BOX ONE Sampler.

R8) "Old Masters" BOX TWO Sampler Record

    [LP]Barking Pumpkin BPR-8888X
Click here for more info on Old Masters BOX TWO Sampler.



S1) "Lonely Little Girl" c/w "Mother People"

    [EP]Verve VK10570

S2) Frank Zappa's "I Don't Want to Get Drafted" Single

    [EP]Barking Pumpkin BPR-73000

S3) Frank Zappa "Stairway to Heaven" c/w "Bolero"

    [MiniCD]Zappa Records 12FRANK 101


Roxy & Elsewhere sequel
The Rage and Fury (Edger Varese works)


V1) "Uncle Meat"

V2) "200 Motels"

    The Film:
    200 Motels, directed by Frank Zappa (characterizations) and
    Puny Palmer (visuals); story and screenplay by Mr. Zappa;
    music, Mr. Zappa; animation, Chuck Swenson; produced by 
    Jerry Good and Herb Cohen; a Murakami Wolf/Bizarre Production
    distributed by United Artists. Running time: 99 minutes. R-restricted.
    The Cast:
    Rance Muhammitz ... Theodore Bikel
    Larry the Dwarf ... Ringo Starr
    The Hot Nun ... Keith Moon
    Lonesome Cowboy Burt ... Jimmy Carl Black
    Jeff ... Martin Lickert
    The Groupies ... Janet Ferguson, Lucy Offerall
    Themselves  ... Don Preston, Moterhead Sherwood, Mark Volman,
      Howard Kaylan, Ian Underwood, Aynsley Dunbar, George Duke,
      Jim Pons, Frank Zappa

V3) "Video From Hell"

V4) "Dub Room Special"

    [VHS]Barking Pumpkin VDUBRS-V
    [Beta]Barking Pumpkin VDUBRS-B
    [Euro/PAL]Barking Pumpkin VDUBRS-P

V5) "Baby Snakes"

    [VHS]Barking Pumpkin VBBSNX-V
    [Beta]Barking Pumpkin VBBSNX-B
    [Euro/PAL]Barking Pumpkin VBBSNX-P

V6) "Does Humor Belong in Music?"

    [VHS]Barking Pumpkin VDHUMOR-V
    [Beta]Barking Pumpkin VDHUMOR-B

V7) "The Amazing Mr. Bickford"

V8) The World's Greatest Sinner


『Them Or Us』by Frank Zappa, over 350 pages of Distressing Fiction.
『The Frank Zappa Guitar Book』9"x12" approx.300pages (but I don't have a copy)
『ZAPPA VOX』監修・八木康夫、白夜書房
『The Real FRANK ZAPPA Book』FZ & Peter Occhiogrosso, Simon & Schuster,1989.
『フリーク・アウト フランク・ザッパの生活と意見』マイルス著 浜野アキオ訳
    2,800円, (株)ブルース・インターアクションズ
『ユリイカ』(5/94)「フランク・ザッパ 越境するロック」
『ザッパ・オリジナル・ライナーノート集』(12/94)八木康夫(LIVE BOX 別冊ブックレット)
"Interview/The Guitar Special/Masters of Rock"『月刊YMMプレイヤー』


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