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File NameFile SizeUpload DateDescriptionDeveloper
cbev.lzh 48KBAug.17,1995Add a calculator function to your Clipboard!(Wakimoto)
cftime.lzh 93KBAug.17,1995Siphon coffee timer for Windows(Savanna)
gamba.lzh 16KBAug.17,1995Windows resources tachometer(Kinoshita)
grafti.lzh 20KBAug.17,1995Draw graffiti on your Windows' wallpaper(Nakayama)
henclk.lzh 30KBAug.17,1995Funny clock for Windows(Hirayama)
hgp.lzh 223KBAug.17,1995Write a letter in hierographics!(Wakimoto)
hlpcrd.lzh 102KBAug.17,1995Windows Help file development assistance tool(Mono)
kenclk.lzh 30KBAug.17,1995Old fashioned clock for Windows(Hirayama)
kframe.lzh 20KBAug.17,1995Display window frame when window is max or min(Nakajima)
kzmemo.lzh 23KBAug.17,1995Keep memos on a Desktop!(Uozumi)
MAGNIF.LZH Aug.17,1995Round magnifying lens for Windows(Ozawa)
mouscu10.lzh 134KBSep.18,1995MouseCur-The ultimate mouse cursor program![CYBORG]
nyanya.lzh 32KBAug.17,1995Moves mouse pointer to default object(Jiji)
sunmon.lzh 6KBAug.17,1995Mr. Sun and Ms. Moon clock(Nakajima)
tafclk.lzh 14KBAug.17,1995Semi-transparent digital wallpaper clock(TAF)
tojina.lzh 41KBAug.17,1995Deactivate screen saver by a mouse location(Yamada)
usaclk.lzh 54KBAug.17,1995An analog clock with dancing rabbit(HIROMA)
UTRASH.LZH Aug.17,1995Ultimate in trash can!(Ozawa)
UUCODE.LZH Aug.17,1995Windows uuencode/uudecode program(Ozawa)
wlogo.lzh 16KBAug.17,1995Change Windows startup logo!!!(CREST)
wlwink.lzh 14KBAug.17,1995Semi-transparent eyes tracks mouse pointer(Goto)
wroot.lzh 15KBAug.17,1995Restrict users from changing objects in PM(Mono)
zoo.lzh 66KBAug.17,1995A cute and handy program launcher!(Furukawa)