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File NameFile SizeUpload DateDescriptionDeveloper
chaos.lzh 11KBAug.17,1995Draw chaos figures on a screen(Amano)
hanabi.lzh 147KBAug.17,1995Shoot fireworks on a screen(Kawawa)
sayl.lzh 22KBAug.17,1995Display your BMP as a screen saver(Hirano)
sdance.lzh 38KBAug.17,1995Watch objects dancing across the screen(Sadano)
sscons.lzh 9KBAug.17,1995MVS console screen saver(Takemura)
ssail.lzh 19KBAug.17,1995Sailboat screen saver(Sawaji)
suika.lzh 7KBAug.17,1995Watermelonman screen saver(Mono)
svnsvr.lzh 34KBAug.17,1995Watch organisms populate(Savanna)
tenci.lzh 5KBAug.17,1995Land formation screen saver(Fukazawa)