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File nameUpload dateDescriptionDeveloper
amida.lzh 18KBAug.17,1995A line lottery (Japanese game) for Windows(Yamazaki)
blhole.lzh 9KBAug.17,1995A black hole sucks your mouse pointer(Ume20)
bloody.lzh 109KBAug.17,1995Stab and cut you Desktop! Watch it bleed!(Yamaguchi)
crbk10e.lzh 17KBAug.17,1995Visual Basic Picture Book 1 "I am Here"(Kachi)
dice.lzh 31KBAug.17,1995A dice appears as an icon. Shake and roll it!(Miura)
dodrab.lzh Aug.17,1995Action game for Windows(Tamura)
dogarr.lzh 105KBAug.17,1995Action game - rescue the princess!(Miura)
drhell.lzh 148KBAug.17,1995Fight the Good to help Dr. Hell conquer the world. Role playing game(Nishihara)
flip.lzh 7KBSep.15,1995Flip a screen!(Takahashi)
flxgrp.lzh 35KBAug.17,1995Watch group icons do squats!(Die)
fly.lzh 22KBAug.17,1995Spray those pesty flies to death(Yanagibashi)
hero01.lzh 370KBAug.29,1995Visual Basic Picture Book 4 "Boy Detective to the Rescue"(Kachi)
hitsu.lzh 18KBAug.29,1995Count sheep with this program!(Ume20)
jfore1.lzh 98KBAug.17,1995JIJI's adventure part 1 (role playing game for children(Jiji)
jfore2.lzh 44KBAug.17,1995JIJI's adventure part 2 (role playing game for children)(Jiji)
kaina2.lzh 86KBAug.17,1995Space invader like action game(Miura)
kainan.lzh 91KBAug.17,1995A mind challenging board game like Chinese checkers(Miura)
koro.lzh Aug.17,1995Rotate screen to guide KORO to goal(Miura)
koro2.lzh 86KBAug.17,1995A new game based on KORO(Miura)
ktsusi.lzh 16KBAug.17,1995A susi counter game(Kobayashi)
maze.lzh 251KBAug.17,1995Maneuver the hero to the exit(Uema)
munyu.lzh 98KBAug.17,1995Guide Munyu safely to a goal(Miura)
numlis.lzh 32KBAug.29,1995NumLis - a game of making number patterns(Kusunoki)
octk01.lzh 295KBAug.29,1995Visual Basic Picture Book 5 "The Fall"(Kachi)
pazz.lzh 31KBAug.17,1995A simple puzzle game(Banba)
peg.lzh 11KBAug.17,1995Board puzzle game for Windows(Wakabayasi)
pion.lzh Aug.17,1995A shooting game (similar to space invaders)(Hirama)
pub20e.lzh 132KBAug.29,1995Visual Basic Picture Book 3 "My dog Pavlov"(Kachi)
roach.lzh 80KBAug.17,1995Stamp out those cockroaches(Takuya)
same.lzh 26KBAug.17,1995A puzzle game for Windows(Hirotaha)
sfcave.lzh 47KBAug.17,1995Guide a line through the cave(Iwasaki)
sinkei.lzhAug.28,1995Memory - a card game of remembering(Shirato)
slide.lzh 71KBAug.17,1995Slide ruler for Windows with instruction(Hirayama)
surac.lzh 8KBAug.17,1995Display slimy characters(Ryu)
sv9410.lzh 257KBAug.17,1995Species population simulation(Savanna)
tmbomb.lzh 18KBAug.17,1995Set a Windows time bomb!(N2)
wdr20e.lzh 59KBAug.17,1995Visual Basic Picture Book 2 "Walk Don't Run"(Kachi)